I am Gonsalves from British Columbia and I am 40 years old. I never had a fresh skin but it was healthy enough that I never had to think about revitalizing it. At the age of 37 when I was working with a business development company is started experiencing white patches on my skin which had an outline darker then the skin.

I got really worried and started approaching some dermatologists,used medications but the situation worsened every time I went under a treatment. I went for some therapies too but nothing literally worked. The entire face was full of ugly white irregular patches that had a negative impact. I used to feel bad in front of my clients with that sort of an ugly skin. I started taking leaves from office because I never wanted to face anyone with that sort of a face. I was not confident about myself because I always felt like hiding my face whenever I used to talk to my clients. I told my wife about it she also helped me with the treatment thingy, took me to different skin specialists but nobody could figure out the cause of these patches and couldn't come up with a fine treatment or surgery for it.

I once went to down town and there I saw a clinic for skin allergies I went there and showed my skin. Doctor told me that I was suffering from leucoderma and he suggested me some medicines which never worked. Anyhow I at least found out what exactly I was suffering from. I was reading a magazine one day when I turned a page a saw a big advertisement of Anti vitiligo oil. I thought of going for that oil but I was a little reluctant to go for herbal treatment because I never thought a herbal treatment really works but It did. I was shocked to see the astounding results that this herbal treatment came up with after a few months of usage. I bought the 600ml oil, used it for a two months and after the usage of 2 months I started having clear skin even better the before.

I was simply shocked that the proper medical treatments failed to recover my skin but a not too expensive herbal treatment has worked like wonders. I suggested the treatment to my friend as well who eventually suffered from leucoderma after I recovered from it. He used it too and he also recovered after around a month and a half. I am simply a fan of this product now and would suggest everyone that use Anti vitiligo oil made by this anti Vitiligo oil company because it actually works and leaves your skin healthy, fresh and bright even better then before. You can keep using it till the time you do not get your desired color and results. Under normal circumstances the skin recovers completely after two months of usage but if it is some severe kind of leucoderma then it may take few months. For my case it took two months and for my friend it took around 45 days to completely recover from it.Thank you