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Dear vitiligo patients thank you for your order. We request you please take your (vitiligo skin disorder) spots pictures for your self before starting the our remedy. Because After using the Anti vitiligo oil.you will see significant recovery of your skin spots .   

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(100ml)For 1 to 2 spots (Apr) 30 days treatment 
(200ml)For 1 to 2 spots (Apr) 45 days treatment 
(300ml) For 2 to 3 spots (Apr) 2 to 3 months treatment 
(400 ml) For 4 to 5 Spots (Apr)2 to 3 months treatment
(600 ml) For 7 to 10 spots (Apr) 3 to 4 months treatment (Buy 600 Mls Get 600 Mls Free Recommended)
(1000 ml )If your body effected from 25 % to 50 % with vitiligo spots you can buy 1000ml for 4 to 5 months treatment (Buy 1000 Mls Get 1000 Mls Free Recommended
Special Package (1500 ml)you can buy in bulk Special treatment Package. if you feel you are not sure about usage and if you are not sure about your Vitiligo white patches size. (Buy 1500 Mls Get 1500 Mls Free Recommended) Every Package have Money Back Guarantee