We have seen many websites regarding vitiligo skin disorder treatment. That it will Vitiligo white patches or any types vitiligo spots cure within days or in weeks etc… This is not true. They are selling these for just earnings not for treatment. They can not cure any skin colors disorder disease. our request to these people who selling's such vitiligo treatment medicines could ponder more problems to all effected skin disorder patients. because they are already suffering from so many social complex and they will become isolated from our social society. Below questions and answers are just for information purpose not medical advise.Please contact your local doctor for better information

Here we will discus some common questions.
Q: My age is 16 years and i have skin disorder (brown & milky white) on my righthands and legs. I am really annoyed for these. your herbal oil will remove myvitiligo patches.? Please advise me. Shania J, Florida. USA
A: Dear Shania thank you for your question. Skin disorder disease can happen to any age whether you are young or old. if you have finally report from your doctor. These patches are vitiligo skin disorder. your patches can be recover with 2 to 3 months if you will apply our herbal oil regular.

Q: I have vitiligo milky white or some pink type spots on my right eye lid please advise me is your treatment is safe for my eye's? Helwen ,Virginia,USA
A: Our remedy is on herbal basis. Therefore there will be no problems and your eyes will be saved.

Q: What should I expect to see?Jack,Hawaii,USA
A: At first you should see the white patches begin to turn pink and the border of white patches will be blurry. The pink areas will get darker and gradually return to your skin tone.

Q: When should I expect to see results?Jack,Hawaii, USA
A: Thank you for your email. The results depend on the individual. Most patients see improvement approximately 1 to 2 months after beginning remedy however, in moderate to severe cases, it may take 3 months to see improvement.

Q: Is Anti vitiligo oil safe for using a long-term?Elcvee,Dallas, USA
A: Yes, because it is made with all natural ingredients there are no known side effects from long-term usage.

Q: Will Anti vitiligo oil darken all of my skin?Mettew,Chicago, USA
A: No, only the vitiligo white patches will be affected will turn into natural pigments.

Q: Can I use herbal oil An when I pregnant?Amana,Kentucky, USA
A: There are no known side effects in pregnancy. you can use (for External Only)

Q: I have brown & white spots on some parts of my body like face,breast,arms. My friends asking to get skin biopsy. when i consult with the (skin allergy specialist) doctor. He confirm that i am suffering from only vitiligo disease.Therfore please advise me. I should test biopsy or not?Den, Nevada, USA
A: please ignore your friends advise when you have confirm from your doctor. we will never recommend you for biopsy. As you have only color disorder disease vitiligo and that can be recover with herbal oil remedy. we would also like to say. That biopsy is dangerous for your health. without doctor advise.

Q: I am a mother of two children and I am facing vitiligo skin disorder problem (from last 3 years) causing me unable to participate any social meetings and my Childs parents teachers meetings. please advise me .Jamela, MelbourneAustralia
A: we will like to place you as our number 1 serious patient as we feel that you are missing the one of your most important parents teachers meetings. We have already advise to such cases to try our Anti vitiligo oil So that you can move into your desire societywithout any hesitation/p>

Q: Can i use your Anti vitiligo oil with other treatments like tablets,uvb,woodlamp,laser treatments etc…?Rubab,Cr,South Africa
A: Sure you can use our anti vitiligo oil with other medicines without any hesitations.but please always contact with your local doctor before taking any remedy.

Q: What will be the best advise for diets to overcome any skin disorder?Karan Delhi,India
A: we will not recommend you to eat any spices chicken meat, artificial colored drinks our best advise to contact you local doctor for your diet control.